Collomatic OEM Winches

“As we know, your company offers the leading Electro-Hydraulic Mooring winches for sale today.”

Chengxi Shipyard CO., LTD in China.

Collomatic Winch options:

  1. New manufactured Collomatic2.0 complete self contained mooring winch with electronic ship side controls.
  2. Refurbish/ update original Collomatic or Hyde brand winch to similar specifications as our new builds.
  3. Refurbish your your base model (original) Collomatic or Hyde Winch.
  4. We are your only source for OEM Collomatic components. Contact us for details on our Rebuilt-exchange Collomatic component program designed to keep your winches running and reducing down time!

We also offer smaller winches and capstans and rebuild all Dowty Pumps and Dowty Motors, please call our office for more details.

View the Mooring Winch Program.